William Dolby

Classical Chinese Translations and Research

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An Introduction to William Dolby's 'Chinese Culture Series'

Typically, William (Bill) Dolby did not pursue full completion of his creations by seeking publishers, preferring instead to start a new project, a translation perhaps or an anthology of ch'u aria poems. Some of his research reached the light of day and those volumes are listed below.

However, in early 2002 he finally decided to collate his immense output. He created a list of mainly unpublished works, and he began the process of finishing and fine-tuning them. He titled these works the 'Chinese Culture Series' and as late as 2014 the number of individual works had grown to 33 volumes.

  • With many projects still underway, the 33 volumes are by no means the sum of all.
  • Some of the volumes were released as self-published works whilst others, like 13. 'Lao She, Mr Ma and Son' were published up by Penguin (2013).