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3. Chinese Poetry Through The Ages: an Anthology


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Self published in 2003, this work represents the 3rd of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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Poetry has for millennia been the crown of Chinese culture. Confucius was clear that an understanding was essential to fine thinking. The West has largely seen only ethereal aspects of Chinese poetry, but in reality the Chinese realm of poetic composition was a richly interacting and eclectic one, including both the elegant and sparse and the vulgar and red-blooded, and some of the best poems delighted in intermingling and playing off the two extremes. This anthology presents all the most famous poems, many never before translated into English or any Western language, and also the "humbler" nursery-rhyme, jingle, riddle and popular-entertainment poetry, and an entirely new and more holistic and human picture of the Chinese gamut of poetic composition.