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15. Classical Chinese Textbook


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This work is a textbook, one that Bill used and finely honed during his years as a lecturer. It comes with classical Chinese texts, romanisation’s, full vocabulary, comments, translations and introduction by William Dolby. This work represents the 15th of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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For thousands of years, a language designated Classical Chinese has been used in China, and it has been employed in other countries of the Far East. It continues to play an important role in modern China. One cannot truly be master of modern Chinese without a knowledge of the ancient language.

A huge store of exciting, highly informative, and as yet in many ways unexplored, literature has been written in Classical Chinese, and the present textbook aims to help towards accessing this wonderful language, in an enjoyable way, so that understanding of vocabulary and grammar, and insights into key ideas and other aspects of Chinese civilisation, are simultaneously acquired.

The book is determined to make things as easy as possible for the learner, and so provides every piece and poem with full Chinese character-text, full vocabulary, full Romanisation, and a suggested translation. In addition the Glossary is a full-dictionary, provided for ease of general reference. This is the first ever textbook in this form, and has been applied in university teaching for many years with great success.