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War Lords

Translated and introduced by William Dolby and John Scott: War Lords by Siam Qian or Ssuma Ch'ien (born 147 BC).

Published in 1974 by Southside Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 900025 08 5

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Siam Qian's Historical Records, one of the earliest and most entertaining Chinese prose classics, contains a series of brilliant biographical sketches of the lives and personalities of many famous men who flourished in China during the times of troubles which preceded the establishment of the Han Dynasty. In those which William Dolby and John Scott have judiciously selected and wittily translated in this book, high-minded princess, strategists of genius, fence-sitting but formidable war-lords, lascivious princesses, and jesters noted not only for wit but also for wisdom rub shoulders with an amazing assortment of impecunious peddlers of political panaceas, competent and incompetent assassins, delightful but not always disinterested concubines, dog-butchers, cat-burglars, farmyard impersonators, philosophers, saints and rhetoricians.